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Operated by practitioner of 25+ years. We focus on driving you business!

Operated by practitioner of 25+ years. We focus on driving you business!

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Products & Services...
Group Classes
The Premier Martial Arts Video Subscription System
Become an In-Demand Online Martial Arts School. Instruct and create a side income with the classes you're already teaching. Live and Video OnDemand instruction for martial arts has never been more popular than it is right now. If you've thought about taking advantage of this incredible stream of revenue for your gym, this is the perfect time. And if the technical know-how has held you back from going digital in the past, don't worry! What we have created makes virtual instruction simpler than ever, requires no production skills, and gives you black-belt level potential for revenue. . . 

So whether your courses are worth $5 per month or $500, the decision is completely in your hands. And on top of all that, its massive content library makes it the perfect complement for your gym, during this pandemic and even once it has passed! In short, the Premier Martial Arts Video Subscription System is much like the legendary Rickson Gracie's grappling style:

Wonderfully simple, yet incredibly effective and essentially unbeatable.
Personal Training
Sales Funnels & Automation
Need more qualified leads for your business? We focus on driving you business! Our strategies are too the point, practical ad designed for heavy use. We implement a simple but proven system for your business that brings you qualified leads each month. 

Most first-time visitors don't become buyers. Less than 2% of website visitors make a purchase or inquire on their first visit. This is where having an automated sales funnel can make the difference when it comes to success or failure in your online efforts.

The combination of highly optimized and converting landing pages, automated marketing emails, and re-targeting ads help build trust, credibility, and authority for your business and brand - all of which is necessary to convert cold traffic into buyers.

CLICK HERE to see an example of a Free Pass funnel we built for one of our fitness clients.
Personal Training
Website Design & Remodel
Your website is often the first exposure anyone has to your business and should be as unique as your company. At Sales Functions, we offer professional, feature rich and responsive web design services. 

We feel that a website needs to do more than just look good, so we structure our design methods to work in ways to capture qualified leads and nurture them through the buying process. We understand the role internet marketing plays in creating lasting relationships with your clients, so having a website is essential no matter what type of business you run.

We partner with you to take your business to the next level and strive to bring much more to the table than what is asked of us, by sharing new ideas, and providing you with a fresh perspective.

CLICK HERE to see an example of a video website we built for one of  our BJJ academy clients.
Kids Fitness
Branding & Logo Design
A great logo identifies your brand uniquely from other business and lets your audience know what you do, in addition to what your about. At Sales Functions, we understand that every business has a unique culture and personality, we design your brand with those key aspects in mind. 

We will design a unique identity for your business, giving your customers insight to your values and how they translate to your services and products. Through our logo design services, we help companies find the perfect design or symbol that will represent their brand and encompass their overall mission. 

Our team understands the importance and significance that a logo has within a company so you can rest assured that our team will take the time to understand details and ensure that your business and goals are taken into account when preparing designs.
Kids Fitness
Social Media Management & Copy
Our team will manage and implement your social media branding and marketing from top to bottom by, developing a customized strategy, promoting and publishing content, engaging with customers, establishing social media policies, building your following and reporting results with performance indicators that track how it impacts your bottom line.

Our social media team consists of excellent copywriters that creates attention grabbing ad copy and knows how to write concise copy that elicits emotion from your audience.   

We offer full-service social media management services, and transform your presence with high quality content, daily activity, monitoring engagement and increased followers. Bottom line, we drip quality content to convince prospects to buy.
Premier Martial Arts Video Subscription System Benefits...
Premium Video Distribution 
Virtual instruction has never been easier! A streamlined setup and user-friendly interface that can be accessed on any smart device, designed by tech experts who know the art of MMA first hand make online teaching as natural and efficient for you as giving an in person class.
Optimal Storage Space & Compatibility
With 1 TB of storage and no file size or type restrictions, you can rest assured that there's plenty of space for all of your content to be streamed and saved while accommodating videos up to 5K in resolution.
Personalized Course Catalog
This subscription service is being set up for YOUR gym, so you can organize it YOUR way: divide your videos into and unlimited number of courses and programs that can each be sold individually at the prices of your choice. You have complete freedom to package your content and subscriptions however you like.
Professional Live Streaming
Your subscribers can enjoy live sessions with unlimited bandwidth and automatic archiving, an audience chat feature, multiple location streaming, and the ability to publish directly to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and several others. This is perfect for special events, and can be used to broadcast to your entire community or for one-on-one private lessons!
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Premier Martial Arts Video Subscription System!
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Our Latest Branding & Logo Designs...
Hot Deals - Available for limited time only.
FREE PASS Promotional Funnel
$500 Setup Fee / LOW MONTHLY

  • Promote your academy on all social media outlets for maximum exposure.

digital Course Streaming Subscription service

  • For revenue share packages, schedule a strategy session for more information.


  • Responsive website, one page with lead capture. Multiple formats available.

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The website works for those who love to teach Jiu Jitsu. 
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Premier Martial Arts Video Subscription System
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